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Darlene Barriere is an inspirational speaker your school will want to hear. She brings purpose to what she endured as a victim of child abuse, sexual assault, and bullying. Her Talk Before Touching® Program is sure to inspire your students to get the most out of their dating relationships. While the various presentations & workshops offered through her Scars To Stars® Program will equally empower and inform.



In 2005, Darlene was nominated for the British Columbia Coast Mental Health Foundation's Courage to Come Back awards for her dedication and commitment to helping abuse victims, using her own personal experiences, her interactive website www.child-abuse-effects.com, and through school presentations and motivational workshops. 



Darlene is the author of several books, including:

  • Does Your Relationship Make the Grade?
  • Bullies, Targets and Witnesses
  • The College Student's Self-Empowerment Handbook
  • From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Darlene's Story


Darlene Barriere grew up in a violent and abusive home. As a teenager, she was sexually assaulted at knife point. She endured many additional hardships as a result of her home life. She quit school at 16. At 18, Darlene realized that an education was too valuable to turn her back on, so she went back to high school as an adult student while working full time at night as a waitress.

In her twenties, again while working full time, she enrolled in British Columbia Institute of Technology as a night school student, and earned a certificate in business management.  

Determined to give her own life experiences purpose, resolute about making a difference and addressing the issue of child abuse, Darlene certified as a licensed daycare provider and opened an interactive daycare facility where parents were directly involved in the program, including sessions where she taught non-violent forms of discipline.  

When her husband took early retirement, Darlene shifted her focus from child daycare to child abuse survivors. She published her memoir in 2005 as a way to show that healing is possible, and she launched her interactive website www.child-abuse-effects.com after she trained and certified as a violence and abuse prevention educator. To date, her site has received and posted over 5000 stories (child abuse and dating violence), articles and commentaries from survivors around the globe. She has written many articles concerning child abuse, dating violence, and bullying & harassment.  

As a part of her Talk Before Touching® and Scars to Stars® Programs, Darlene has delivered dozens of presentations and workshops to students and adults across North America. Her coaching practice focuses on self-esteem, confidence, and how adversity can both compel and catapult one into purpose. 

Talk Before Touching® Series:   

  • Does Your Relationship Make The Grade? Strategies to improve your dating relationships and avoid date rape blends humor and hard-hitting realities about relationships.

      The book examines: 

  1. Communication differences between males and females
  2. Mutual respect in relationships (heterosexual, as well as same-sex relationships)
  3. The dynamics of healthy vs unhealthy relationships
  4. Issues surrounding consent
  5. A method for students to "rate their relationships"
  6. Strategies that will help prevent miscommunication, dating violence and date rape/sexual assault. 

Scars To Stars® Series:   

  • Bullies, Targets and Witnesses: The impact of bullying and strategies to break the bullying continuum a comprehensive look at the signs, impact and consequences of bullying behaviours, and offers strategies for prevention.
  • The College Student's Self-Empowerment Handbook  where the focus is on self-respect, respect in relationships, and the power of positive thinking.
  • From Victim To Victory: How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse  and moved on with my life takes readers on the gritty road of healing and recovery from child abuse.


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